Ryder K Wharton, first daughter to MTV’s Challenge vets Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd.





August 17thDax Mills, first son born to retired Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills, a quadruple amputee who lost all 4 limbs in an explosion during his third tour in Afganistan, and wife Kelsey. Dax joins older sister Chloe. He received his name by the combination of the medics who saved Mills life, Daniel Bateson and Alexander Voyce.





September 17thPeggy, first daughter to David Beckham’s younger sister Joanne Beckham and partner Kris Donnelly.





November 27thRevy Elle Atashroo, first child to avid skiers David and Megan Atashroo. They named their daughter after Revelstoke, B.C.

November 29thZeppelin Adele Gilford, first daughter born via surrogate to Friday Night Lights actor Zach Gilford and Kiele Sanchez.

November 30thChase Jackson, first child to E! host Carissa Culiner and husband Shanon.







December – Layke Bryars(b), Blu Wellington(b), Tag Bricker(b), Rivers McCall(g), Rayne McCoy(g), and Rawlings McClaine(g), born to Eric and Courtney Waldrop. The six join older brothers Saylor Briggs and twins Wales Tucker and Bridge Ryder.

December – Hakavai Hoskin, first son to burn survivor Turia Pitt and husband Michael Hoskin.

December – Beau Angel, first daughter to former footballer Clarke Carlisle and partner Carrie. Beau joins older sisters from Carlisle’s previous relationship Marley and Honey.

December 1stMemphis Aldean Williams, first child to country star Jason Aldean and wife Brittany Kerr Aldean. Memphis joins the older sisters Keely and Kendyl (from Jason Aldean’s previous marriage).

December 4thDomenica Celine Jovanovic, third child to Chew co-host Daphne Oz and husband John Jovanovic. Domenica joins older siblings Philomena “Philo” Bijou Jovanovic and Jovan Jr.

December 4thSadie, first child to Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch and husband Winston. The couple unfortunately suffered a miscarriage last year. Congratulations to the Rauch’s.

December 6thBillie Breckenridge Hooper, first daughter to This is Us actress Alexandria Breckenridge and husband Casey Hooper. Billie joins older brother Jack.

December 8thElla Grace Efird, first child to Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon and fiancé Joshua Efird.

December 12thbaby girl, third child to Late Late Night host James Corden and wife Julia. The newborn joins older brother Max and sister Carey.

December 12thBeckett Scott Robinson, first child to country singer Dylan Scott and wife Blair.

December 13thbaby girl, second child to TV star Katie Piper and husband Richard Sutton. She joins older sister Belle Elizabeth.

December 15thRyder Falcon Atkins, first child to country legend Rodney Atkins and wife Rose Falcon. Ryder joins older siblings from Atkins previous marriage, Elijah and step sisters Lindsey and Morgan.

December 15thKatherine Swati Kaling, first daughter of comedic actress Mindy Kaling. Katherine’s middle name honors her late mother.

December 15thPalmer Brown Heath, first child to Christian musician Brandon Heath and wife Siebe.

December 16thLeo James, second son to Once Upon a Time star Sean Maguire and former detective wife Tanya. Leo joins older brother Flynn Patrick.

December 16thNicholas and Lucy, first children to musician Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova. The couple has been together for 16 years.

December 18thLua Izzy, first daughter to Michael Douglas’ son Cameron Douglas and girlfriend Vivienne Thibes.

December 20thTeddy Marilyn Rothschild, second child to hotel heiress Nicky Hilton Rothschild and husband James Rothschild. Teddy joins her older sister Lily-Grace Victoria.

December 21stRosie Carolyn Kress, first daughter to iCarly alum Nathan Kress and wife London.

December 22ndLillie Renee Haywood, second child to Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood and wife Kelli Cashiola. Lillie joins older brother Cash Van.

December 23rdSandra Grace Shifrin, second child to Sara Haines and Max Shifrin. She joins older brother Alec Richard.

December 23rdPhoenix Wolf, first son to Jackass star Bam Margera and wife Nicole.

December 23rdOlivia Rose, first child to Florida Georgia Line Member Tyler Hubbard and wife Hayley.

December 23rdDelphine Esther, second daughter to At This Hour anchor Kate Bolduan and husband Michael Gershenson. Delphine joins sister Cecelia Eve.

December 28thGraydon Scott Boyd, second child to Craig Wayne Scott and wife Taylor. Graydon joins big sister Dakota Lynne and big brother Jaxon, from Boyd’s previous relationship.

December 29thNala Ryan Dyrdek, first daughter to Rob Dyrdek and wife Bryiana. She joins older brother Kodah Dash.

December 31stHayes Alba Warren, first son to Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. Hayes joins older siblings Haven and Honor.





Rafa, second son to Rose Byrne and Bobby Carnnavale. Rafa joins Rocco and Jake.

Mele Elizarin and Mia Kanoelani, second and third child to Olympic legend Misty May Treanor and husband Matt. The twins join older sister Malia Barbara.