Michelle                                                        Mina

1          Bear                                                               Sawyer and Chandler

2          Bennet Alejandra                                       Bennet Alejandra

3          Sawyer and Chandler                                Bear






Michelle                                                        Mina

  1. Eugene                                                              William “Billy” John
  2. William “Billy” John                                       Eugene






  Michelle                                                        Mina



1          Rowan Louise                                              Madilyn Jane

2          Noah Russell                                                Rowan Louise

3          Willa Gray                                                    Willa Gray

4          Birdie Joe                                                      Chase and Phoebe Rae

5          Charlie Wolf                                                 Axel James

6          Arlo Gale                                                       Noah Russell


Honorable Mentions

1          Atlee Bay                                                      Rainey Ryan

2          Serafina Simone                                         Serafina Simone

3          Rainey Ryan                                                 Charlie Wolf

4          Pippa “Pip” Jean                                         Pippa “Pip” Jean

5          Axel James                                                   Kingston Saint

6          Odie Sal                                                         Axton Joseph






Michelle                                                        Mina




1          Leia Josephine                                             Georgia Grace

2          Georgia Grace                                             Leia Josephine

3          Forrest Henry                                              Lenyx Kai

4          Thomas South                                             Forrest Henry

5          Ella and Alexander                                     Ella and Alexander

6          Bella                                                               Wolfgang Zander


Honorable Mentions

1          Pierce                                                            Edward Thomas Masud

2          Jack Oscar                                                    Jack Oscar

3          Rayni Bell                                                      Benjamin

4          Trulee Nanette                                            River Jones

5          Sir and Rumi                                                Eva Marie and Mateo

6          Wolfgang Xander                                       Rayni Bell






Michelle                                            Mina



1          Nova                                                  Nova

2          Liam James                                      Ryker Alexander

3          Samuel Scott                                   Stella Star

4          Stella Star                                         Jett

5          Rex                                                     Kingston Payne


Honorable Mentions

1          Alba                                                    Gravity Blue

2          Jett                                                     Alba

3          Gravity Blue                                     Valentine

4          Gloria                                                 Beau Rush

5          Ryker Alexander                             Liam James