1. Callum

Meaning: “dove”             Origin: Scottish form of Columba, Latin              Popularity: 683rd in the US (2015)


Michelle:         I’m not one to lie about much, so why start now. I first heard and fell in love with this name from one of my favorite Youtubers, thecubhousevlogs. They’re this insanely cute Canadian family comprised of Rebecca(mom), Brant(dad), and their three adorable children Callum Donovan, Rowan Maisie, and Evie Lennox (warning: most of these names may be on my list). I have always adored their names especially Callum, I mean it passed Cooper and Cove, which have been longtime loves. I also love Callie is a nickname for this Scottish beauty.




Meaning: “from the walled city”          Origin: English               Popularity: Not in any country’s top 1,000


Georgie:           As I’ve said I like Twilight but I also just like the feel and sound of this name. I also like the nickname Lyle.




Meaning: “follower of Christ”            Origin: Greek            Popularity: 43rd in the US (2015)


Mina:         Most people are going to think, I like this name because of Christian Grey. Don’t get me wrong, I love him. But my love for this name stems from the Vampire Academy and Christian Ozera.




  1. Cooper

Meaning: “barrel maker”         Origin: English occupational name           Popularity: 77th in the US (2015)


Michelle:     I don’t know my origin of my love for this name. But dammit I do love it; it’s got the deep southern vibe that I love from certain names. Probably like Mina’s love for Canyon but I could probably be wrong about her love for it. But Cooper is such a cute name for a little boy but also handsome for a grown man.




Meaning: “wood carver”             Origin: English          Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Georgie:       I like it because I’ve heard it a lot in the games I’ve played. Some good characters, some who need to put in a blender. So, I’ve grown to love this name.




Meaning: nature name            Origin: Spanish word name             Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Mina:           Canyon’s make me think of Arizona. Arizona is a beautiful place so I like associating the two.  I didn’t think of Canyon as a name for a long time but I came to love it once I did.




  1. Cove

Meaning and origin: nature name             Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 in any country


Michelle:   I think this is just one of the sweetest boys names I’ve ever heard. It’s got the duality of it that I dig; it can be a standalone first name, a strong middle name, and it’s in a way nickname free. I love that soft vah or -ove ending.




Origin: French variation of Chauncey             Popularity: 250th in the US (2015)


Georgie:        I grew up watching Homeward Bound and fell hard for that dog. Plus, the meaning of a second chance is cool.




Meaning: metal name            Origin: word name            Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Mina:         The Fox and the Hound makes me cry every time. I love the friendship between Todd and Copper. So, this name has always been a favorite of mine.




  1. Clarence

Meaning: “bright”                Origin: Latin               Popularity: Not ranked in any top 1,000 of any country


Michelle:      I could go on and on about this name. I’ve loved this name since I was a little girl, around 5 maybe, when I started my name craze obsession. It’s a Wonderful Life has really impacted me from a young age. I’ve watched it ever year on Christmas Eve long before I could even understand it. With that being said there’s an angel named Clarence that was sent down from Heaven to help George Bailey. Clarence is this novice angel that is one quirky guy who shows what life is about and that really stuck with me. Hence why I will always love this name




Meaning: “treasurer”               Origin: Dutch form of Jasper, Persian              Popularity: 281st in England (2015) ** Not ranked in the US top 1,000


Georgie:              I love Casper the friendly ghost. He was everything you should be but the ghost part.





Meaning: 1″free man”                Origin: English, diminutive of Charles                   Popularity: 229th in the US (2015)


Mina:           I love this name for a girl because of my best friend. I also like it for a boy. I just imagine a troublesome little boy who I’d have run after all the time.




  1. Callaghan

Pronunciation: CAL-a-han             Meaning: “lover of churches”           Origin: Irish            Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 in any country


Michelle:       I first heard this name as a last name in many a history movies comprising of many Irish actors or characters. But since then, I think it’s grown on me as a first name more than a last. Like you guys have read I love the built-in names like Callie, Calla, and Cal. And I like its Irish roots.




Meaning and origin: Pet name for Charles           Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 in any country


Georgie:      It just sounds so adorable. Plus, that adorable little chipped teacup names Chip in Beauty and the Beast. I’m honestly surprised it’s not used more.




Meaning: “people of Cana or wolf cub”               Origin: English or Irish                    Popularity: 784th in the US (2015)


Mina:         Ever since I first saw Step Up, I’ve been in love with Channing Tatum. He’s just so beautiful.




  1. Cade

Meaning: “round; or, barrel”              Origin: English                        Popularity: 364th in the US (2015)


Michelle:      I like this short, simple name. Another name where I don’t know where I heard it first but I remember where I heard it last, the new Transformers movie with Mark Walhburger. But regardless it gives me bad ass feeling, like they’d be a survivor of the Apocalypse.




Meaning and origin: Place and nature name              Popularity: 822nd in England (2015)** Not ranked in the top 1,000 in any country


Georgie:         I like the way it sounds and feels. Though I haven’t finished the Narnia book the Prince was in I still think they names unique.




Meaning: “free man”           Origin: French from German                Popularity: 50th in the US (2015)


Mina:              I like old-fashioned names. Charles reminds me of a different time. Doesn’t hurt that Chuck Bass’s full name is Charles.




  1. Canaan

Pronunciation: KAY-nan                  Origin: Biblical place name                   Popularity: 806th in the US (2015)


Michelle:        Canaan Smith brought this name back into my view. I like the history of this name along with the religious ties. I’m glad people aren’t neglecting this name because of the biblical history. I like this name more than Cain/Cane.




Meaning: “free man”                Origin: German variation of Charles                       Popularity: 600th in the US (2015)


Georgie:        ‘CAAAARL’ I love this name because of the Walking Dead no big inspirational thing. I love Chandler Riggs and how he’s portraying Carl Grimes.




Meaning: “swarthy, coal black”              Origin: English                 Popularity: 115th in the US (2015)


Mina:            Cole from Charmed was one of my favorites, even when things didn’t end so amicably.




  1. Cash

Meaning: “hollow”          Origin: Word name; diminutive of Cassius              Popularity: 267th in the US (2015)


Michelle:                I don’t know why and how I fell for this name, I just did. I think it’s got that sweet southern charm that generally gravitate towards like Boone, Duke, and Nash. And not just because of the legend Johnny Cash.




Meaning: “all-knowing”            Origin: Latin             Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 in any country



Georgie:        I never expected Cato’s meaning to be ‘All-knowing’, I don’t know why. That just adds to the fierceness of this name. I say fierceness because of the Cato in The Hunger Games series.




Meaning and origin: Place name                 Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 in any country


Mina:           This is a nice name. I like how it looks, how it sounds and I think it’s cool.




  1. Charlie

Meaning: “free man”                Origin: English, diminutive of Charles                   Popularity: 229th in the US (2015)


Michelle:      Even though I love this name more for a girl, I do like it on the original holder. It’s a timeless nickname from Charles that will never gout of style. I think that’s the appeal of it, its timeless feeling.




Meaning: “chickpea”           Origin: Latin             Popularity: Not ranked in country’s top 1,000


Georgie:          I like this name mostly because of an annoying but funny jester from Skyrim.




Pronunciation: CASS-ee-us; CASH-us               Meaning: “hollow”             Origin: Latin         Popularity: 646th in the US (2015)


Mina:      No clue why I like this name, I just do




  1. Crow

Origin: Bird name              Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Michelle:       I really love nature and animal names, many of my favorites are going to be linked to those two categories. Crow is a unique pick apparently due its lack of popularity, which is quite surprising to me. If Sparrow, Lark, and even Bluejay are names why can’t Crow?




Meaning: “lives near the ford by the cliff”                Origin: English           Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Georgie:        I love this name because of one of my favorite TV show growing up, Clifford the Big Red Dog. I know is a common association but dang it, it’s mine. I also like how the name and the meaning are very similar, like really similar.




Meaning: “hollow”          Origin: Word name; diminutive of Cassius              Popularity: 267th in the US (2015)


Mina:     My best friend introduced me to this name and it’s one of her favorites. Grew on me immensely. It’s short and sweet and very handsome




  1. Calloway

Meaning: “pebbly place”                Origin: Irish from Latin                Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Michelle:     I love the simplicity of this Irish surname. It’s easy to pronounce, spell, and say. Though the special thing about this name is its musical ties to Jazz Legend Cab Calloway. And if you know me, you know I’m so music obsessed, that the tie is amazing to me.




Meaning: “bounty”                 Origin: Celtic             Popularity: 856th in the US (2015)


Georgie:                     I first heard this name from Harry Potter in the form of Cedric Diggory. As a fellow Hufflepuff myself, I rooted for him in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The name was super unique to me back then and I’ve liked it ever since.




Meaning: “bearer of Christ”                       Origin: Greek and Latin                  Popularity: 32nd in the US (2015)


Mina:              I have a love/hate relationship with this name. I think it’s a great name. Strong and handsome but the memories that come with that name have been a bit bittersweet.




  1. Claude

Meaning: “lame; enclosure”                    Origin: French from Latin                Popularity: Not popular in any country’s top 1,000


Michelle:       I’ve always loved this name. It’s got this soft quality to it but when paired with another name it’s got this power to it. In one of my favorite books there this character named Jean Claude that solidify my love for this name.




Meaning: “free man”             Origin: Spanish variation of Charles               Popularity: 117th in the US (2015)


Georgie:      I like the way it sounds. You can totally see how it’s the Spanish form of Charles. Plus, one of my favorite villain kids from Decedents is named Carlos, also Carlos from the Resident Evil movie franchise, was one of my favorite characters.




Meaning: “fortress, walled town,”              Origin: Latin                    Popularity: 231st in England (2015)**Not ranked in the US top 1,000


Mina:          The name reminds me of my love for chestnuts. I also picture an adorable chubby cheeked little boy when I hear this name.




  1. Crusoe

Meaning: “solitary castaway”         Origin: Literary surname          Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000


Michelle:      This name is such a love of mine for two main reasons. Robinson Crusoe has always been one of my favorite books. I loved the adventure of it and the weary traveler vibe l always got form the name. The second reason is in The Water Horse the “water horse” was named Crusoe by Angus (a name on my A boy list). I loved the bond between the two, always made me want a pet named Crusoe. I also love the increasingly popular nickname Cru, which is lower down on this name.




Meaning of Cormac: “charioteer” Origin of Cormac: Irish               Popularity: 76th in Ireland (2014)**Not ranked in the US top 1,000


Georgie:             I have not yet played the game, Assassins Creed Rogue but I do believe the character you play as is named Shay Cormac. I’m really excited to play and the name seems so cool and underused.




Origin: color name          Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Mina:       Every time I say that name, I think of the Crimson Chin from the FairlyOdd Parents but that’s not why it made my list. I like crimson as a color as well as I just think it sounds cool.




  1. Colm

Pronunciation: like Colin but with a m instead of the n   Meaning: “dove”               Origin: Irish variation of Latin Columba              Popularity: Not ranked in the country’s top 1,000


Michelle:      I found this gem when researching Irish names once I discovered my love for Irish names. I love the meaning of this name and how it’s (in my opinion) a cooler version of the very popular Colin.




Meaning: “pious one”               Origin: Greek              Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Georgie:               I don’t know why I like this name but I love how it has a silent power to it.




Meaning: “spear; possessed”              Origin: Variation of Cain                   Popularity: Not in the top 1,000 of any country


Mina:            I’m big on soap operas apparently because that’s where this love began but it expanded after my best friend’s love for the name. Cane from the Young and the Restless is also a very attractive Australian man, haha.




  1. Caradoc

Meaning: “amiable, beloved”             Origin: Welsh                Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Michelle:       I like the knight feeling that Caradoc gives me. That a boy or man with this name would be a fierce warrior. Though the meaning is one that I love, it’s a description I wouldn’t have guessed.




Meaning: “vivid red”           Origin: Latin            Popularity: Not in any country’s top 1,000


Georgie:              The Gears of War games had this reoccurring family of brothers with the last name Carmine who always met a messy end. I remember always yelling “CARMINE, NOO!”.




Meaning: “candle maker”        Origin: French occupational name          Popularity: 423rd in the US (2015)


Mina:            I loved Chandler while I was watching Friends, I love Chandler Riggs who plays Carl in the Walking Dead. Enough said.




  1. Caspar

Meaning: “keeper of the treasure”                   Origin: Persian, variation of Gaspar                     Popularity: 709th in England (2015)**Not ranked in the US top 1,000


Michelle:         I love how this name has two different spellings with similar meanings. Unlike my sister and Mina, I prefer this spelling with the two a’s. This name has always made me smile, I think of the friendly ghost, of foreign lands, and oddly enough treasure.




Meaning: “dove”             Origin: Scottish form of Columba, Latin              Popularity: 683rd in the US (2015)


Georgie:              My sister loves this name, as you see it as her number one. Also, there’s this horror game called The Park that’s really messed up. The main character has a son named Callum that’s lost in the park.




Meaning: “lame; enclosure”                    Origin: French from Latin                Popularity: Not popular in any country’s top 1,000


Mina:      I like this name with or without the Jean in front of it. French names just always tend to have an appeal with me. They sound so elegant and I love it!




  1. Calvin

Meaning: “bald, hairless”               Origin: Latin                Popularity: 171st in the US (2015)


Michelle:           Recently I’ve grown attached to this name and I’m unsure of why. I’m kind of concerned that I can’t pinpoint my love. But nonetheless I really do like this name and I’m glad it’s getting the credit it deserves.




Pronunciation: KAY-nan                  Origin: Biblical place name                   Popularity: 806th in the US (2015)


Georgie:           I just like it, I remember hearing it a lot in a movie when I was growing up.




Meaning: “steadfast”               Origin: Latin            Popularity: 54th in Germany (2016)** Not ranked in the US top 1,000


Mina:        Oh this love come from the Bold and the Beautiful. There was a character when I was younger named Constantine and he was beautiful. To this day, I think I still love him and cause him, the name.




  1. Cillian

Pronunciation: KILL-ee-un             Meaning: “war strife or church”                Origin: Irish             Popularity: 405th in England (2015)**Not ranked in the US top 1,000


Michelle:     I love both spelling variations of this name but lately this version has become a favorite not to say Killian won’t be high on my K list. I remember the first time I saw this name, Mr. Cillian Murphy in 28 days later. What a lovely, introduction.




Meaning: “lover of hounds”             Origin: Irish               Popularity: 54th in the US (2015)


Georgie:                I love the simplicity of the name, its short and always popular. I’ve heard this a lot when watching the Terminator movies.




Meaning: “transporter of goods by cart”                    Origin: English occupational name                      Popularity: 24th in the US (2015)


Mina:               I like this name for a girl as well as a boy but I think I like it more for a guy considering it made my guys list and not my girls. Makes me think of Aaron Carter and overall as a name I like it.




  1. Clark

Meaning: “scribe, secretary, cleric, scholar, clerk”             Origin: English               Popularity: 373rd in the US (2015)


Michelle:        Clark Kent, I know its superficial to say. But growing watching any Superman show that was on I grew up to love the name Clark. And even for girl with -e ending.




Meaning: Nature name            Origin: English word name; diminutive of Clayton              Popularity: 718th in the US (2015)


Georgie:                         I like the uniqueness of this name as well as it being a nature name. I think this name could easily be a first or middle name for the right tot.




Meaning: “greenish blue color”             Origin: English                 Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Mina:             Haha, Michelle is probably gonna laugh at seeing this name because I used to not like this name. But the more I said it, the more it grew on me. And here we are.




  1. Cecil

Meaning: “blind”                  Origin: Latin                     Popularity: Not in the top 1,000 of any country


Michelle:        I tend to love “old man” names a lot and Cecil is one of my favorite ones especially since in the first Night at the Museum one of my favorite actors Dick Van Dyke played the retiring security guard Cecil.




Meaning: “one who excels”                    Origin: Greek                   Popularity: Not in the top 1,000 of any country


Georgie:                    I love the meaning; I may have even picked it because of the meaning. But it’s got this mage feeling to it that I think is super cool.




Meaning: “blind”                        Origin: Latin                       Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Mina:         This name is one I remember hearing a lot growing up. Why? I have no clue but because of that, it’s made my list.




  1. Clancy

Meaning: “red-haired warrior”                            Origin: Irish                         Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Michelle:            This lovely name was on my girl list too. I think it’s got a duality that many names don’t. It’s easy to pronounce, gender fluid, and is in pop culture due to Tom Clancy. It’s another Irish beauty too. It reminds me of Clary as well.




Meaning: “battle man”                   Origin: Irish                 Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Georgie:                 It sounds like a name of a warrior who has seen and conquered a lot. And the meaning justifies my thought which is pretty cool.




Origin: Italian and Portuguese variation of Christian               Popularity: 841st in the US (2015)


Mina:              I have no other reason for this name making my list other than Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s very handsome.




  1. Clayton

Meaning: “place with good clay”               Origin: English                Popularity: 248th in the US (2015)


Michelle:             I hate when I can’t pinpoint a love for a name. Like it irritates me to no end. This is a name with such unknown love. I think it’s a strong name with a southern feel but a regal one as well.




Meaning: “black”                            Origin: Romanian                          Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Georgie:                     I love that this name has a built-in name like Cal. But I love the sound and heritage of this name. It could be in games, movies, tv shows, so why not to a few sons?




Meaning: “treasurer”               Origin: Dutch form of Jasper, Persian              Popularity: 281st in England (2015) ** Not ranked in the US top 1,000


Mina:              I adore Casper the friendly ghost, Casper meets Wendy was one of my favorites growing up. The name itself has a nice appeal, and I might want a Casper for a son.




  1. Cross

Meaning: Shape name                 Origin:  word name                Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Michelle:             This is, in my opinion, a very rare and unique name to bestow on a child. I’ve seen some brave people use it as a middle name which is completely cool. It may piss of some people, who think its degrading the religious icon by using this as a name but being that I practice the religion in question and I have no problem with it, people really shouldn’t either.




Pronunciation: CAL-a-han             Meaning: “lover of churches”           Origin: Irish            Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 in any country


Georgie:             Big Hero Six, there’s a cool character named. To add, the meaning is pretty cool.




Meaning of Cormac: “charioteer” Origin of Cormac: Irish               Popularity: 76th in Ireland (2014)**Not ranked in the US top 1,000


Mina:      This is one of those “I don’t know why I love” names. It’s a strong and cool name in my opinion.




  1. Cicero

Meaning: “chickpea”           Origin: Latin             Popularity: Not ranked in country’s top 1,000


Michelle:      I began to like this name when I was watching the UEFA cup a year ago and an Italian player had this name. I first thought ‘what an interesting name’. I particularly like how many different sounds encompass this name, that’s just a wow factor.




Pronunciation: cah-LEEKS-toe                          Meaning: “beautiful”                        Origin: Greek                     Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Georgie:         It just sounds so damn unique and the meaning completely confused me.




Meaning: “lover of hounds”             Origin: Irish               Popularity: 54th in the US (2015)


Mina:             When I was younger, I used to have a close friend named Connor. We got along so well and had so much fun together. He eventually moved to Prince Edward Island and we lost touch but the memories are good. I also like the name itself.




  1. Cassius

Pronunciation: CASS-ee-us; CASH-us                    Meaning: “hollow” Origin: Latin                      Popularity: 646th in the US (2015)


Michelle:       I first heard this name when I was younger and watching Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky. One of Nicky’s brother was named Cassius, the very strong and sadistic one. I thought it was such an odd name amongst his brothers Nicky and Adrian. With it sticking out, I’ve always remembered it. I’m shocked and I’m not with its popularity.




Meaning: “spear; possessed”                   Origin: Hebrew                 Popularity: 743rd in the US (2015)


Georgie:                I always think of the story from the bible of Cain and Abel. The meaning is a bit funny considering what Cain did.




Origin: Pokémon name                  Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Mina:      Me and my Pokémon names. They’re just gonna keep coming. Charizard, along with Pikachu was one of my first Pokémon loves. In my opinion to this day, Charmander is the best starter and as he evolves in to Charizard who is a badass, the name had to make my list.







  1. Crew

Origin: English word name                    Popularity: 715th in the US (2015)


Michelle:           I love names like this quirky, underappreciated, and short. I love Prue and Drue, so when I actually wrapped my head around Crew being a name it became a favorite. It may be higher next year on my list and the country’s.




Meaning: “rope”                          Origin: French                         Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Georgie:                 There is a character in Xmen named Cable who happens to be from the future. But also my sister tells me that this name is being used on TV and in movies.




Origin: English, tree name                   Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Mina:        This name should have made it higher on my list, however I forgot about it until the last second and I didn’t feel like rearranging stuff. I love nature names and Cedar is really nice for a boy in my opinion. However, I don’t like it very much for a female, because there is a girl I knew in school named Cedar and she was a bitch.




  1. Chance

Origin: French variation of Chauncey                                     Popularity: 250th in the US (2015)


Michelle:                     I love this name for the same reason my sister does. I, too, grew up watching Homeward Bound, and I thought that damn bulldog was the goofiest, loyal, and snarkiest thing. I always thought it be cool to rescue a dog and name it chance, thought it’d be meaningful in a way.




Meaning: “rejoice”                      Origin: Latin                    Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Georgie:                  I always thought of that one vampire in Twilight who happens to bit of a jerk. The name alone though sounds lyrical and the meaning is inspirational.




Meaning: “bald, hairless”                            Origin: Latin                           Popularity: 171st in the US (2015)


Mina:               This name made my list because of Michelle as well as Calvin Klein. I love Calvin Klein as a brand and it’s fun to say. Michelle also has recently found a love in this name so through her, I was inspired.




  1. Cohen

Meaning: “priest”                      Origin: Hebrew                Popularity: 336th in the US (2015)


Michelle:        I used to think this was one of the dumbest names and I know that’s horrible to think about someone’s name. But lately this name has changed in my eyes. I think it’s cute, fresh, meaningful, and could easily become the new Connor and such.




Meaning: “devotion to God”                Origin: Hebrew                   Popularity: 37th in the US (2015)


Georgie:              This was always a favorite of my sisters but with her decline of love, mine has increased. I never knew the definition though, very religious.




Meaning: “hacking with a weapon”                     Origin: Anglicized variation of Irish Cearbhall                    Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Mina:                    I love Alice in Wonderland, and I love Lewis Carroll. So, Carroll made my list because of him, I think it’s a nice name and cool as well.




  1. Cassidy

Meaning: “curly-headed”                           Origin: Irish                            Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Michelle:                   This name in my head has always been both a girl and a boy name because of David Cassidy. Which I know is such a lame answer but I can’t help myself. I think it still could work for a boy.




Meaning: “son of Alister”                          Origin: Variation of Irish surname MacCallister                     Popularity: Not ranked in any country’s top 1,000


Georgie:         I think it sounds super similar to Alistair and now knowing the meaning makes so much sense.




Origin: Word name                      Popularity: 337th in the US (2015)


Mina:        I don’t know what it is about this name but I like how it sounds. Supernatural may have had a hand in its appeal with Samuel Colt.




  1. Cruz

Meaning: “cross”                             Origin: Spanish                                     Popularity: 324th in the US (2015)


Michelle:       This is such an adorable little name that can age pretty well through the years on my opinion. I like its gender fluidity and meaning of the name.




Pronunciation: KAH-lun                         Meaning: “pup, cub”                         Origin: Irish


Georgie:        I love how this name looks. It may be a bit difficult to pronounce but regardless it’s pretty cool. Plus, the meaning is cute.




Meaning: “free man”                Origin: German variation of Charles                       Popularity: 600th in the US (2015)


Mina:                  I may or may not have an inappropriate crush on Carl from the Walking Dead. The name over the seasons has become more lovable to me.




  1. Camden

Meaning: “winding valley”                 Origin: Scottish                  Popularity: 104th in the US (2015)


Michelle:      I was exposed to this name early on by the TV drama series, 7th Heaven. The family the show revolves around are the Camdens, and I always thought it was a cool surname. Recently, I’ve been falling really hard for this name for either gender. I don’t know if I could get my boyfriend on board but I’m pretty sure this name will definitely be higher come next year.




Meaning: “people of victory”                       Origin: Scottish variation of Nicholas                     Popularity: 388th in England (2015)**Not ranked in the US top 1,000


Georgie:                   It sounds like a leaders name, like someone to lead you into battle. I like that.




Meaning and origin: Scottish river name                       Popularity: 804th in the US (2015)


Mina:                 Bonnie and Clyde has always been an interesting duo to me and the name has grown on me over the years.


  1. Casey

Meaning: “brave in battle”                Origin of: Irish                         Popularity: 551st in the US (2015)


Michelle:         I’ve always been a big fan of Casey Affleck, dispute certain recent allegations against him. He really brought this name into my life, and I’m honestly confused why I didn’t put this higher. Trust me it will be next year. Thought what I’m really shocked and happy about is that there were more male Casey’s born in 2015 than girls. That’s super cool.




Meaning: “boy”                     Origin: Spanish                     Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Georgie:            I absolutely love Five Nights’ at Freddie’s. This cute name instantly makes me think of Chica. Though I think the meaning makes the name adorable and nicknameish.




Origin: Diminutive of Charles                      Popularity: Not ranked in the top 1,000 of any country


Mina:                Chuck Bass is one of those characters you love to hate at the beginning of Gossip Girl but as the show goes on, he becomes amazing and I love him.