This is the second part of the babies born in February. This list is from Our favourites will be posted soon. 

Michelle Leigh 

Alice, first child to Ana Varela.

Angelica Maximovna, first child to Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar.

Aria Belle, first child to Doug and Crystal Wooldridge.

Céla Lynn, third child to Xander de Buisonjé and Sophie Steger. Joins older siblings of Dex and Sem.

Emma, third child to Martín Demichelis and Evangeline Anderson. Joins older siblings Martín and Lola.

Georgie Daye, second daughter to Adam Rodriguez and Grace Gail. Joins older sister Frankie.

Janna Elisabeth, first daughter to Henk Bleker and Barbara Rijlaarsdam.

Leyla Ada, second daughter to Gokhan Turkmen and Sinem Aksoy. Leyla joins sister Nil.

Lua, firat daughter to Alberto Guerra and Zuria Vega.

Madison Patricia, second child to Ron Fisco and Trish Stratus. She joins big brother Maximus.

Maé first daughter to Rémy Riou.

Manuela, first daugter to Rafael Cabral and Vanessa Piccirilli.

Manuela de Gracia, first daughter to Miguel Angel Herrera and Soraya Arnelas.

Mariana, second child to Fernando Luiz Rosa. She joins brother Davi.

Matilda Daisy, first child to Tom and Jessica Cruse.

Penelope, firat daughter to José Fernández and Maria Arias.

Pilar, first daughter to Leonardo and Rocio Senatore, Pilar joins Vincente.

Robien, second daughter to Maarten van der Weijden and Daisy de Ridder. She joins sister Phileine.

Rory Lane, first child to RL and Lena Huggar.

Stella, third child to Paulo Henrique Ganso and Giovanna Costi. Joins older siblings Henrico and Maria Victória.

Tessa, first daughter Alexandre Geniez.


Ari, first son to Simão Cayatte and Joana Santos.

Barney Ross, first son to Mark Gilbride and Laura Geitz.

Bradley, frist son to Henk van der Wijk and Rea Lenders.

Benjamin Michael, second son to Chris and Jasmine Arteaga Sorge. He joins big brother Mason.

George, Andre Meyer and Léa Seydoux.

Harry Michael, first son to Kirk Norcross and Danielle Carr. He joins big sister Violett.

John, seventh child to Jim and Sarah Harbaugh. He joins brothers Jqck, Jay, and James as well as sisters Addison, Katherine, and Grace.

Jonas, first son to Maarten and Zuzana Bosmans. Joins big sisters Rozalie and Amelie.

Juan, first son to Juan Diaz and Gema Ruiz. He joins big sister Julieta.

Juan Cruz, first child to Nicolás Sánchez and Juliana Arregui.

Leeron, first son to Guillaume Foucault and Candice Gavalon.

Leon, second son to Filip Dordevic and Jovana Svonja. He joins older brother Noel.

Leonardo, first son to Alessio Cerci and Federica Riccardi.

Lian, first son to Senad Lulic and Sandra Fehr. He joins sister Lea.

Livio, first child to Christophe and Coralie Licata.

Marlon, first son to Jean–Pascal and Jordane Barraque.

Marlow, first child to Mitchell Docker and Lydia Park.

Marvin–Alexander, first son to Daniel Padurariu and Amelia Racea.

Matías, first child to Julián Gil and Marjorie de Sousa.

Omar Dari, Jr., first son to Omar Gooding and Mia Vogel.

Sonny Blake, first son to Scott and Sara Baldwin.

Stefano Ercole Carlo, first son to Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo.

Teddy, frist child to Vincent Croiset and Tina de Bruin.

Théodore, first son to Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge and Émily Bégin.

Thiago Milano, second son to Timo Perthal and Ramona Galler). He joins brother Luis.

Tom, second son to Maxime and Clara Gonalons. He joins big brother Eden.

Valentino, first son to Leonardo Mayer and Milagros Aventín).

Vincent, first son to Kristian Svensson and Moa Hjelmer. Vincent joins older sister Wilma.