Makeup is a passion of mine and I quite enjoy trying new products and new looks. This year my collection has really expanded and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys. Now I am in no way claiming to be an expert, I’ve just chosen products that I loved this year for myself and Michelle. So here we go!


Eyeshadow Palette – Too Faced Sweet Peach PaletteIMG_2702



Ahhhhh, this category was the hardest for me because there were so many palettes I loved this year. So I got Michelle’s input of this one, together we chose this one. Too Faced Palettes are the best pigmented ones I’ve found this past year. This one has amazing colors that blend effortlessly and plus it smells of Peaches.

Contour – Kat Von D Shade and Light PalettIMG_2705

IMG_2706Contour is one of those things that still troubles me but I think slowly I’m getting the hang of it. I like this palette because it offers a selection of colors that are very versatile for most skin tones. They’re very pigmented and quite easy to blend.

Foundation – Nars Sheer Glow


I have many foundation favorites however I think this one wins out overall. I love how it makes my skin look amazing and dewy without making it look oily. It stays put and doesn’t end up looking cakey throughout the day.

Powder – Laura Mercier Translucent Powder


I feel like I’ve heard about this product from so many different places and their raving is not wrong. It’s a great product for setting your concealer as well as for baking. My only flaw with this product is I have trouble getting it out of the sifter without spilling it everywhere.

Blush – Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Power in Santa Barbara and Too Faced Baked Blush in Sparkling BelliniIMG_2710IMG_2712

I chose two for blush because I love blush and narrowing it down to just two was hard enough. The Bobbi Brown says its a bronzing powder but in my opinion it’s too pink toned to be a bronzing powder. I love the look of it and it reminds me a lot of Nars’ Orgasm which I had just run out when I bought this one. The Too Faced one is everything. The heart shaped package, the tricolor blush and the pigment is amazing. I adore this blush.


Mascara – Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara & Eyeliner – Stila Liquid Liner


This mascara is my tried and true mascara. Makes my lashes so full and long. My only downfall is that it can be flakey sometimes.

I’m terrible at liquid liner and winging it but this liner makes it so easy. It’s very black and it stays put once on. I love it.

Highlight – Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Peach Goddess and Becca Highlight in Opal


That glow that highlights give you make me so happy. I agree with everyone that the Anastasia highlighting palettes are fantastic however these two won out in the end. I love Jeffree Star’s products and despite the controversy that people have with him, his products are amazing. The pan this highlight comes in is the size of my palm so for the amount of money you pay is worth the amount of product you get. Pigmentation is a ten and it’s a versatile product as I use it for eyeshadow as well as to give my lips a metallic sheen. The Becca highlighter in my opinion kinda started the game for highlighter. As the OG, they’ve held their ground and produce amazing highlighters.

Concealer – Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer


I really wanna try the Tarte Shapetape concealer this year, however until then I adore this Nars one. It’s so creamy, as the name suggests, and doesn’t crack under the eye. It has amazing coverage and it’s fantastic.

Bronzer – Too Faced Chocolate Soleil


I’m still not very sure how bronzer changes my face but since everyone was using it, I bought one. The lady at Sephora recommended this one for my skin tone and I love it. I don’t have many other bronzer so I can’t say this is the best one out there ut it is my favorite. An added bonus, it smells like chocolate.

Cleanser – Clinique Balm


I’d heard so much about this product so I thought I’d test it. And my oh my, why hadn’t I used this earlier? It literally melts your makeup away, even the most unremovable makeup.

Liquid Lipstick – Smashbox/ Jeffree Star


Jeffree’s lipsticks are incredible. They’re so pigmented and not patchy at all. I have had issues with a couple colors not being opaque at first swipe but they’re buildable. They last so long and definitely are one of my favorites. I love the wand of these lipsticks as well as the Smashbox ones and the color range is fantastic. The Smashbox ones, in my opinion, are the least drying of the liquid lipsticks out there. When on, it feels like there’s nothing there and the application is flawless.