Hello loveadoves,

As you can see, we, Mina and I, love names and ranking things so we’ve done a thing. We have gone through the decades and ranked the top 1,000s in the US (please in you have access to other countries tops please send them our way, we’ve been trying to get to them), like we’ve tried with the 2015, which we will reexamine. We’re going to post by 10’s at first i.e. 1900, 1910, etc., then we will post by 5’s lIke 1905, 1915, etc. I hope that makes sense and it’s something as cool to y’all as it is to us. So please play along, tell us your faves, opinions, and what should come back. And we’ll be sure to mention your contribution in another post. Hopefully this becomes a tradition which we can reexamine from time to time.
Michelle Leigh & Mina Irem