So I found this name game on wonderful name guru youtuber TulipByAnyName, if you like names like us, you should probably give her a chance. Its basically using the Duggar family, the infamous family known for its abundance of children. They have 19 kids and another thing is that all the names start with J. So Megan from YouTube used e’s, well Mina and I amped this concept up and decided to do the whole alphabet. So we have diligently created 19 names for each letter complete with middle names. As well well being doing the eldest son, Joshua Duggar, 4 children whose names all begin with M, we have decided to do the same so additional 4 names for that mini family. We’re gonna try our best not repeat first names, middles may be though. And we’re also gonna try not to use any names that the Duggars used.

The original Duggar kids:
1. Joshua James
2 & 3. Jana Marie & John-David
4. Jill Michelle
5. Jessa Lauren
6. Jinger Nicole
7. Joseph Garrett
8. Josiah Matthew
9. Joy-Anna
10 & 11. Jedidiah Robert & Jeremiah Robert
12. Jason Michael
13. James Andrew
14. Justin Samuel
15. Jackson Levi
16. Johannah Faith
17. Jennifer Danielle
18. Jordyn-Grace Makiy
19. Josie Brooklyn

Josh and Anna’s family:
1. Mackynzie Renee
2. Michael James
3. Marcus Anthony
4. Meredith Grace
Michelle Leigh