So I’ve been debating on how to approach the new shows and returning shows since the calendar was published online. I hate spoilers and I especially don’t wanna give any. So I thought I’d just list some of the shows that I’ve watched since the shows of Fall attacked our screens this week, and state if I’d keep watching, possibly a little blurb and maybe a recommendation and shows that I haven’t gotten to but wanna watch. And I plan on updating this list as I go.


New Girl – I watched season 6’s premiere and quickly felt how much I missed this show. Its the modern day FRIENDS. I definitely recommend this show and I will be continuing watching this Fox comedy. It comes on at 8:30 on Tuesdays.

Survivor – This season is interesting, the concept is Generation X versus Millennials. This season is gonna have many squabbles and arguments between the generations. I may halfway through give up on this season but it’s undetermined yet. If you wanna give this season a go, it’s on CBS on Wednesday at 8.

Lethal Weapon – I haven’t seen the movies, I’ve  been meaning to. But I am most definitely going to continue watching this show and would recommend this to people who like I haven’t watched the movies and even to those who have. It airs on Wednesdays at 8 on Fox.

Hell’s Kitchen – I haven’t watched every season, maybe 2 or 3 seasons. So as a place holder until I can watch the new MacGyver show. But it started out with girls winning, so should be interesting. May continue, could forget it, thought i don like MasterChef. It comes on, on Fridays at 8 on Fox.

The Exorcist – I’m a horror movie buff, so I jumped on this TV show. This show has me very curious where they’re gonna take this show because it looks likes it’s heading down a cool path. So I’d say give this show a shot. It airs on Fox on Fridays at 9. 

Kevin Can Wait – A modern day The King of Queens for this show. Which I’m completely okay with though people may think it’s redundant. I’ll keep watching and encourage people to watch. It airs on ABC.

American Horror Story: Roanoke – I have a love hate with this show. I didn’t watch seasons 4 & 5 for personal fears and reasons. But when it was revealed that they were gonna focus on Roanoke I was intrigued. I finally caught up on the first two episodes, that are filmeyd in a document type show and must say I’m excited for the third. It comes on on FX on Wednesdays.

Designated Survivor – Another spin on a cabinet member becoming president due to an attack of terrorism, with a straight shooting Secretary of State turned Mr. President. I’m not one for these types of shows, simply because they’re a dime of dozen and I already have a crowded viewing schedule. But I’m gonna try my hardest to stay with this show. Its an ABC drama that airs on Wednesdays at 10pm.

Pitch – Fuck, I didn’t expect to like this show this much but damn I did. Definitely a must keep watching in my book. This female baseball playing drama with a sad major turn on the premier episode, airs on Thursdays at 9 on Fox.

Michelle Leigh