In honour of the late David Bowie, this is my first pick for this month’s movies. It’s a classic and a go to for my movie nights. It surrounds teenager Sarah and her dangerous and odd rescue mission from her little brother Toby from the Goblin King, Jareth. Sarah angrily wishes that the goblins take Toby away, well they did and she realizes that maybe that’s not a good idea. Jareth transports Sarah to his realm and gives her a task, solve the Labryinth and get Toby back. Sounds like a walk in the park, yeah? Not really. With help from a local she fights to survive and save Toby from becoming a goblin forever. Yes, it’s corny but there’s nothing with that.

This 80s classic started it all. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the iconic Terminator sent back to eliminate the threat, Sarah Connor, before she has the man that could destroy Skynet, John Connor. Following the terminator from the future, arrives Kyle Reece, a soldier sent back to protect Sarah at all costs. Fighting and death ensues after their arrivals and decisions are made that affect the future but not as we think. You don’t necessarily have to watch the series in order it certainly helps but isn’t required.


I adore Simon Pegg movies and have probably watched near all of them. This one is a quite recent one and it isn’t really what you would expect from Mr. Pegg. It’s a romantic comedy focusing around Nancy, a cynic and writer, and Jack, a 40 year old divorcee. On her way to her parents 40th year wedding anniversary, she meets Jessica, a chippy 20 something year old whos harping about this book, Nancy retorts in rudeness, starting the plot of this movie. She left her the book and trying to return the book Nancy meets Jack,  Jessica’s blind date. Jack mistakes her for Jessica because of the dreaded book. Nancy take advantage of the situation and the movie unfolds in humor and awkward meetings.

This campy staple is probably one of Mina and I’s favourite series. With the main character being an unseen force it really takes cinematography to a higher place. When a group of teenagers cheats death by evading a fatal plan explosion, death quickly stalks them to rectify the problem. As the kids, start dying in the order they would have in the crash, Alex and Clear do the most human thing, try to fight death. This is the main focus throughout this series, fight to stay alive, try to out maneuver death. Let me just say that death is a persistent bitch.


I just recently watched the third installment of the trilogy, which made me wanna rewatch the first two. This is how this insanely funny movie made spot number 5. The Hangover has been elevated to classic comedy, with a star cast. The first one begins with Dougs bachelor party in Vegas, resulting in a crazy twist of events when then groom goes missing. Which leaves the stud ,Phil, the dentist, Stu, and the unstable future brother in law, Alan. Mike Tysons tiger, a missing tooth, and “stolen” baby later, this movie is packed to the brim with situation that leave you crying with laughter.
If you do watch any of these or have, leave us something in the comments.
Michelle Leigh