Hello, just like with the August movies here are the TV shows to Binge in August.

Gilmore Girls – currently on Netflix, revival premiere date is set for November 25th, 2016, which will also be on Netflix.

          Of course I must recommend this amazing show which centers around carefree mother Lorelai Gilmore who is raising a brilliant Ivy-bounded daughter, Rory Gilmore. Lorelai had Rory when she was 16 and raised her on her own in a small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut which has often been referred to as an outpatient facilities. That is referencing the quirkiness of the city’s residents. The Gilmore girls go through many ups and downs through the series 7 season run. Netflix has picked the beloved series up for a 4 episode renewal which will be based off the seasons. Please binge this show, you won’t regret it, hopefully.

The Dead Files – currently not on any streaming outlets but is still airing episodes on Travel channel.

I’ve watched this show since it’s conception 8 seasons ago and have recently corrupted my boyfriend. Just finished binging season 8, I can with most certainty recommend this. The reality esque show encompasses a medium, Amy and her partner, retired NY homicide dectective Steve. The two will go to people seeking answers. Amy will walk through the property to see what is really peeking behind corners and under beds the night after Steve does his research of the property. The two will come back together for a reveal with the clients. That is where this show truly gets interesting, I’ve seen demons, devils, cults, and even recarnations be revealed by Amy.

Survivor  – seasons 1, 12-27 are currently available for streaming on Hulu.

I am a sucker for challenge, obstacle course type shows. Like will watch the dumbest trash just to see challenges and games. I’ve been watching Survivor for as long as I can remember. To put that in perspective I’m 21 and there are 2 Survivors a year, so that’s over 15 games I’ve seen, potentially. I will rewatch and rewatch seasons. But the gist of Survivor is what the logo says outwit, outplay, and outlast. There are usually 16 castaways that are stranded on exotic places that are then split into tribes. Who then battle to get to the final 3 to plea to the jury, which is made up of people you’ve vote out of the game.

Spartacus – currently available to stream on Netflix 

This action historical mini series is only 4 seasons, with the second being a prequel, and follows with historical liberties the gladiator Spartacus. And his journey and triumphs from slave to gladiator to leader of the slave rebellion in Ancient Rome. It is by far one of the best mini series that I’ve seen in awhile. Produced by Starz, there is bloodh, meaty violence and adult film worthy scenes. Battle after battle, it’s a show in the leagues of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, where it’s important to remember not o grow attached to anyone. Death is always there.

The Walking Dead – currently available on Netflix

This wondrous, post apocalyptic, zombie infested AMC drama is a show to binge and love. The action drama follows Georgian sheriff Rick Grimes as he attempts to control the new world and keep his formed family. Of course it’s not that simple, there are dead people walking around eating people and the people who aren’t being devoured should be. Though I will warn like I did with Spartacus, it is a zombie apocalyptic and people do die. So get attached if you dare, I unfortunately have, and its hard. With that being said, there’s a lot of publicity that surrounds this series, a big bad was recently introduced. And if any of you are caught up or take my advice binge. Please message or comment, I’d love to talk and geek about this. Hell any show really.

Michelle Leigh